Courses Taught as Instructor of Record

Spring 2022 - ECON 138: Economics of Discrimination

Syllabus Evaluations

"Professor Rittenhouse is great at introducing an economic viewpoint to difficult subjects that are major talking points in news and politics. She challenges my approach to these tougher socioeconomic matters"

Fall 2021 - ECON 138: Economics of Discrimination (co-instructor)

Syllabus Evaluations

"Professor Rittenhouse was really good about finding numerous different ways to present a topic so it felt like she was appealing to all students. I also appreciated how often she would check in with students during lecture, and explained both how she first interpreted data and how it actually plays out in the research papers. She also navigated through several difficult modules but I was super impressed with how she navigated more touchy subjects."

Summer 2021 - ECON 1: Principles of Microeconomics

Syllabus Evaluations

"The instructor creates a good learning environment with live lectures and materials. They pose questions that make you think about the bigger picture/think critically to get the answer, which helped me solidify my understanding of the concepts. She is also very accomodating to our requests/needs and encourages me to attend lectures/engage with the material more. The course was very enjoyable although I am not an econ major. Thank you so much for this learning experience! :)"

Teaching Assistant

"Katherine is well-prepared and helps with our understanding of the course material with ease. When discussing material with other students outside of class, it is quite common to hear a classmate express that Katherine is the one who delivered that "a-ha!" moment, or that they would not have been able to do as well on assignments without her guidance."

GPCO 404 - Market Failures

ECON 151 - Public Economics I: Expenditures

ECON 138 - Economics of Discrimination

ECON 131 - Economics of the Environment

ECON 100C - Microeconomics C